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Jul 23, 2013 11:00pm EDT
killed off the little guy competition. both companies have sizable defense businesses while defense orders in the future may be slowing, there's very little competition for these contracts. hey, we know that from lockheed martin, which reported a marvelous number, and it has a stock that simply won't quit. or northrup grumman like we promoted last night on "off the charts." going higher. the defense names are the strongest stocks in this market this year. sequester? no competition. how about the railroads like csx and union pacific? monster good numbers. the rails, they don't compete. they raise prices routinely when contracts roll over. that is a fantastic business. let's talk health care. united health groups dazzled the dow. why? because these health maintenance companies have to -- well, to look -- i think they stopped competing on price. it's like they carved up the whole country. johnson & johnson posted terrific numbers. patent protection made that possible. no competition. but do you know who has the least competitive marketplace versus the old days? wow, is this a change. a
Jul 24, 2013 11:00pm EDT
would hurt the economy. that it would cut in the growth economy, particularly the defense sector. hold that thought, the best-performing stocks this year, defense, general dynamics, northrup grumman, lockheed martin. the congressional cost cutting may not be as crushing as ben bernanke thought it was. he's got to be thinking, man, i don't know. auto, gas, homes, leisures, defense spending. let's see, these are big parts of the u.s. economy. and rates are ridiculously low versus the strength in those key sectors. throw in the fact that last night we got our first truly post recessionary numbers from europe, a report that shows an expansion, something i've said is the hallmark of the earnings period but no one believed me until this morning. you get the feeling things have changed for the better. rate changes have got to come. the stock market tries to predict what will happen and not just surmise what is happening. what does the market see? how about the possibility we get a good jobless claims number tomorrow and a better nonfarm payroll number next week. rates have to come back up to
Jul 25, 2013 11:00pm EDT
talk about in your report that you are ready to play offense, you are not playing defense anymore. what happens to your bottom line if some of the numbers switch to positive? >> our earnings will take off because an improving economy will have a dramatic impact on our service territory. shale gas, manufacturing, from the industrial standpoint, it's struggling at this point and it has been since third quarter of last year, and it continues to try to struggle to rebound, but that primary metal side of things is really having an impact on us, and that is driven by the world market and everything else. >> one of the things that i happen to like, alcoa, but there's a huge glut in aluminum, at this levels, there's a glut in steel, and there's a glut in anything that you need for raw stuff to be able to build. your area seems to be much more levered to commercial construction than i thought. >> there's certainly a significant piece, we are a third industrial manufacturing, a third commercial and a third residential over our 11 state footprint and the key thing to consider though from a financi
Jul 29, 2013 6:00pm EDT
the defensive nature of the deal? because advertisers are going directly to facebook, google and twitter. i don't think this merger can stop that flow. if anything, if i was running one of these companies, i would have sought twitter. two do not necessarily have the smarts -- that's something facebook, twitter and google, to another extent, know how to do. with younger people increasingly turning to their mobile devices for news, sports and entertainment, you can't let them deck tate the terms to their clients. tv, web, print, radio, that's going to be viewed as a positive by the clients. somehow, the combined entity can wren f better terms from the online ad world. second deal is kind of a puzzle, frankly. it's a head scratcher. irish drug company for 8.6 billion in cash. knock off store brands, over the counter drugs. they can manufacture these products cheaply and charge less than the competition to make much more money than they do when they offer players like johnson & johnson and proctor and gamble. it's basically a royalties from a bunch of pharmaceuticals. the ms drug mad
Jul 26, 2013 11:00pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)